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Dishonorably discharged from her apartment…

I dedicate my first post to my neighbor. She honorably served our country and is continuing her education to get her masters in aviation engineering. She’s been trying to make ends meet all while voluntarily raising her boyfriend’s son and her jobless boyfriend (who I’m less than fond of). Well, this woman, who’s fought for our country and can barely find a job in this wonderful country got evicted today. Escorted out by a sheriff!!! 2 months late and treated like a criminal.

I hugged her with tears in my eyes as she left with only a suitcase and $600 cash from what furniture she could sell. I offered for her to stay with me, but she had too much pride.

Where’s the food stamps and welfare for her? Oh, wait, she’s a good person who would actually need it. She also might not fit the government’s idea of who gets financial aide in this day and age. I’m disheartened to say the least. Prayers to her. Much love and remember our vets and fight for their rights.